Frog Fishing

You toss your frog into that spot between the grass mats, and slowly walk it across the grass, pausing after three “twitches” to see what happens, and BAM!, it disappears in a swirl of water and tail!  Heart racing, you lean back and yank, and,.. it’s gone.  Had to be at least 4 pounds. This […]

Angler’s Choice “Kill Shot” Baits

Drop shotting is a great technique used in a variety of fishing applications: deep water fishing in summer and winter, controlled depth fishing for suspended bass, and teasing finicky bass into strikes in shallow water.  I use drop shot techniques often when fishing deep structure (rock piles, bridges) or when fishing shallow beaver huts and […]

Sun Protection

Wow the summer heat in definitely here!  I recently had to take medication after a Lyme Disease scare which made me very sensitive to sunlight, and it got me thinking about how much we as fisherman tend to ignore sun protection while out on the water.  Over exposure to the sun results in depleted energy, […]