The Decision 2015….

Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to move forward. For the last three years, I have been fishing as a boater in the FLW Everstart/Rayovac series on what was to me, familiar water. The Potomac, in particular, is a body of water that I know well enough to have a relative […]

Choosing Sunglasses

Fish relate to changes under the water – grass lines, rocks, depth changes, wood, or floating mats of debris, and your ability to see these subtle changes can determine whether you come in with 5 to weigh in, or an empty live well. One of the most important aspects of successful fishing is maximizing what […]

Douglas Lake Recap

OK….so, that’s not how I envisioned this thing going. 107th out of 188 at the Bassmaster Northern Open #1 on a very tough Douglas Lake.  Many of you may have noticed that I did not enter this as a boater – I fished as a co-angler.  I never planned to fish the Opens; my goal […]