The Decision 2015….

Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to move forward. For the last three years, I have been fishing as a boater in the FLW Everstart/Rayovac series on what was to me, familiar water. The Potomac, in particular, is a body of water that I know well enough to have a relative […]

Choosing Sunglasses

Fish relate to changes under the water – grass lines, rocks, depth changes, wood, or floating mats of debris, and your ability to see these subtle changes can determine whether you come in with 5 to weigh in, or an empty live well. One of the most important aspects of successful fishing is maximizing what […]

Douglas Lake Recap

OK….so, that’s not how I envisioned this thing going. 107th out of 188 at the Bassmaster Northern Open #1 on a very tough Douglas Lake.  Many of you may have noticed that I did not enter this as a boater – I fished as a co-angler.  I never planned to fish the Opens; my goal […]

On the Water Behavior – People Remember!

An excerpt from Ken Penrod’s “Top Ten for Fishing” – this is #10 on his list of “Ten Ways to Make Enemies”, and its easily the most common bad practice I’ve witnessed: “(10) ‘Have an attitude’ when you are out there fishing, especially if you are in a tournament. If someone’s fishing your hole, ask […]

Why YOU should fish an FLW Walmart BFL Tournament

Any fan of Bass Fishing has, without a doubt, watched television coverage of the Bassmaster Classic or Forrest Wood Cup and dreamed of someday being on the stage, holding up stout fish to the cheers of the crowd. The problem is, for most of us, we lack the time, funds, and skills to get to […]

Murphy’s Law – Topwater Popper Selection

With the spawn is full swing across the country, the time is near for topwater popper style baits to be effective around beds, bass guarding fry, and visible structure. Think about it: recent spawners will be hungry after procreating, and fry guarders will attack everything that they deem a threat. Bass are apex predators; anything […]

Murphy’s Law – Pre-Fishing New Water

Next Saturday is the first FLW Walmart BFL for the Shenandoah Division, hosted on Smith Mountain Lake near Roanoke, VA.  I have never seen this body of water, let alone fished on it.  With the responsibilities of a full-time job and being the father of two children under six, my practice time will be limited […]

Murphy’s Law – Crankbait Color selection

With a myriad of color choices for the tournament angler to choose from, one can understand why so many find themselves second-guessing the color selection when tournament day arrives.  This is a particularly daunting task for the new tournament angler, who is also dealing with water coverage, boat handling, and time management, and keeping things […]

Murphy’s Law – Topwater Tip

Anyone fish topwater with braid? Ever have issues with the bait getting wrapped up in the line as soon as it hits the water, wasting a cast to a prime spot?  Ever start walking your Ima Skimmer back to the boat, only to have the bait turn TOO much and get caught on one of […]

The one that got away

“The one that got away”…. Every fisherman fears it, every fisherman who has experienced it laments it. In one moment, your dreams come alive and are simultaneously crushed, and all you are left with is a slack line and the view of a large swirl heading away from your boat. When it does happen, and […]